The Stress Control Programme (SCP) is a new, innovative approach offering group training to help empower people to take charge and manage their stress, boosting their health and wellbeing. The Stress Control Programme is an essential tool kit for life ‘helping you to help yourself’.

The interactive course structure includes

    awareness of stress and stress effects
    group and individual exercises
    introducing the therapeutic benefits of mindfulness and meditation
    body energy awareness and management
    quick tools and techniques for immediate impact
    tools and techniques for longer term prevention and support
    personal reflection
    action planning

The programme  

    Duration: 4 half day sessions held over 4 consecutive weeks
    Capacity: maximum of 12 delegates
    Availability: All courses are delivered in-house throughout the UK
    Specifics: The content and delivery is tailored to meet individual requirements of attending employees

‘Prevention is always better than cure. Implement the SCP as a prevention strategy to help prevent absenteeism from stress related conditions while encouraging and supporting optimum work performance’.