A programme designed to assist in the promotion and support of good health and wellbeing, the (RYE) is a self-empowering and interactive training programme teaching you how to daily stimulate vital energy systems to establish positive ‘energy habits’ that create a strong healthy mind and body for optimum performance.

The interactive course structure includes

•    learn how to establish positive ‘energy habits’                                        
•    help to strengthen your immune system
•    navigate through the stresses of the day
•    strengthen body and mind
•    increase your energy
•    relieve pain, reduce aches and stiffness in body
•    clear mind, bring clarity, focus and concentration
•    increase confidence, self-esteem and that ‘feel good factor’
The programme  

•    Duration: One day
•    Capacity: maximum of 12 delegates
•    Availability: All courses are delivered in-house throughout the UK
•    Specifics: This is an interactive programme, so attendees are advised to wear lose and comfortable clothing.

A working guide will be supplied to each attendee upon completion to help support and establish their new regular energised practice ‘Helping you to help yourself’