The 1 to 1 Health & Wellbeing offers bespoke consultations. An imminent intervention for the prevention of employee absenteeism and/or to assist employees already absent a quicker return to the workplace.

This unique service ensures employees

    are sufficiently supported
•    can help reduce stress levels  
    feel more in control
    can help improve general health and wellbeing
    facilitate a quicker return back to work than originally anticipated

Working on many different levels at once, we have proven quick and effective results.

    Consultation: 60-75 minutes
•    Duration: 3-4 weekly appointments  
    Availability: All Health & Wellbeing consultations are delivered in-house throughout the UK
    Capacity: maximum of 5 employees per day session
    Specifics: Confidential and individually tailored in accordance with each employee

Balance through various energy therapy techniques including Clinical Hypnotherapy and mind approach particular to each individual and consultation, are adapted for use while lying on a therapy couch, seated or standing. Most find this way of working relaxing. Energy can often be felt as energy shifts to balance inside or around the physical body and occasional emotions surface without prior thought provocation.

Each employee attending is equipped (if necessary) with simple, post therapy techniques to further support their balance.