“I would like to say a huge thank you for the way you have taught,
inspired and guided me over the past four weeks to help me regain balance,
resilience and strength and to find serenity and joy in everyday life again”



“I have learnt tons of techniques and have a completely new outlook. I feel more confident and capable”


“There has been a major shift in my attitude towards stress – I now feel confident that I can manage it better”


“I will be incorporating most aspects of this course into my daily life. I have been off work in the past with stress/anxiety and am hoping that this course will minimise the risk of this happening in the future”


“I have a toolbox of skills to manage stress!”


“I believe Jacqui has given me the tools to help better myself. I have learnt how to deal with stressful situations and I will be advising people to take this course as it has really helped me”


“This course was awesome and has helped me to manage my stress in a positive manner”


“Learnt lots of amazing techniques – and less stress!”:)


“I loved every part of this course! De-stress techniques. Stress prevention. Actual exercises like meditation. Cannot praise this course enough! Best Ever!”


“The course content was fantastic. I am taking away with me many strategies for a) coping with stress b) avoiding stress and will make time to practice techniques I have learnt and build them into my life – for positive self-maintenance”


“Jacqui was fantastic. Highly recommend and will promote to the rest of the council”


“Superb course!!! Well presented. Plenty of techniques to prevent and control stress and stressful situations”


“The biggest impact of the course for me was learning that energy has memory and learning to meditate. It has helped me focus better"